We started our photography business over 10 years ago, slowly building it up, until we opened our first full time studio back in 2013.
We have been lucky, in that along side our Photography, we also run a Web Design business. This has basically mean free website design on tap.
Being members of various Photography Groups and Organisations, we noticed that some people really struggle in this department. To be able to attract high-end clients, you need your website to look high-end too. Fully custom website designs can run into the £1000’s – and that just isn’t doable for new businesses.
That’s why we have created ‘My Photography Site’ – to bring affordable websites to photographers, with full customisability, and fast deployment.

What We Are
We offer tried and tested website designs, that are easy for you to update in the future. As we have pre-made the templates for our designs, we can very quickly get your new website up and running. The designs are fully customisable with your own colours, branding and images. We do all of that for you – all you have to do is fill out some forms, so we know what you want written on the site, and transfer us some photos. We will even optimise them for the website for you!
All of this gives you a stunning looking website that your clients will love, that is SEO friendly, and fast to load.

What We Are Not
These are not bespoke custom websites. It isn’t going to be 100% unique to you. However, once we add your own branding, colours, images and wording – even two websites using the same design can look entirely different! So if you are looking for something specialist, or have a unique design in mind, then our designs here probably aren’t for you. We can help you over at our Web Design business ‘Mediaistic‘ though!

Once you book your package, we will have a look through all of your existing websites / social media etc. We will then ask you to fill out some forms for us. This will give us all the details we need about your business, plus all the copy (writing) we need to place on your website. Then, send us some photos to add to the site and sit back and relax! As soon as we finish the first draft of your site, we will let you have a look at it to let us know of any changes you want making.

We offer fast and secure hosting with regular backups. With our hosting packages – we handle all of the back end techy stuff, with 24 hour monitoring, so you don’t have to worry about anything. If you have your own hosting however, we may be able to use that for your website. There are some minimum requirements needed for the hosting, so check with us first.

This depends a little on your technical abilities – and whether you have time to carry out updates. All websites need keeping up to date for security reasons – but also to ensure maintained SEO. Our Support packages mean we will take care of all of that for you, so you can just relax knowing it’s all just working in the background.
Our Support Package clients also jump the ticket queue for priority support – and receive additional discounts on any additional work you want carried out on your website.

When your website is ready and you have signed it off – we give you access to the ‘back end’ WordPress platform, and launch it for you. There are some technical hoops we need to jump through at this point but don’t worry, we will help you all the way through.
We will provide you with a comprehensive User Guide to help you make any changes to your site in the future – but that being said, we aren’t just going to launch your site and walk away. We will be here to help you along the way – and if you have one of our support packages, then we can even carry out updates for you free of charge!


Our number one priority for hosting is security. There are multiple layers of security on our servers, helping keep your website safe from attack. Our servers are UK based, and are extremely reliable, with 99.75% uptime recorded over the last year! All our hosting packages include a FREE SSL Certificate, and e-mail server if you need it.